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Past Projects

Blackpool Sea Defence 2006-2011.

Five year project to replace the century old coastal defences, this project won the North West Civil Engineering Large Project Of The Year award 2011. P&L Barton Ltd was sub-contracted by principal contractor Birse Coastal to complete the step wall blinding for the entire 3.2km stretch. This project called on numerous services provided by P&L Barton Ltd including Haulage, Dozers, Rollers, Excavators, labourers, Crushers and Screeners.

Blackpool Corridor Urban Regeneration Scheme.

P&L Barton Ltd was sub-contracted by VolkerStevin to work on the award winning Blackpool Corridor Urban Regeneration Scheme, where our crushing and screening services along with our Civil operations were utilised.

Morecambe Bay Coastal Defence Schemes.

P&L Barton Ltd has been sub-contractor on 8 out of the 9 phases which began in the late 80’s. The last phase in which we were main sub-contractor saw Birse Coastal and Lancaster City Council receive the title of Green Champions at the 2006 National Green Apple Awards for Enviromental Best Practice for their work on the £13m project.

Halton Marsh Flood Defence Scheme.

P&L Barton Ltd was again sub-contracted by main contractor Birse Coastal to work on the £2.7m Halton Marsh Flood Scheme which involved rock armour works.

Sub-station Penrith.

Demolition of cable straining posts and concrete structures in a live Sub-station for Ram Services.

Colwyn Bay Waterfront Phase 1.

P&L Barton was sub-contracted by VolkerStevin to work on this £6m project, which involved construction of rock armour revetment using 80,000t of imported material.


Demolition of existing Kingdom Hall and site preparation for new replacement building.